︎ born in Switzerland

︎ i speak french, spanish & english

︎ realist designer
© member of sgd.ch

︎ from 1983 for today.

write to me  :
0041 79 509 24 88

I’m expert in tangible graphic signage for civic design & interior space.

Skills :

↳ signs & print

(360° visual brand identity & signages)

↳ civic design 

(public space, scenography, museography)

↳ community & digital

(#allplanet run the world & new media)

↳ public relations

(manage creative projects)

We work together for build your project in USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ©

Managing creative projects as an Art Director : signages, museography, scenography — print & digital in design thinking process,

✏︎ We work with Swiss style philosophy, influenced by engineers ⚤, architects ⚤ & designers ⚤.

Curriculum vitæ :

2015-2016 Expert in visual communication for profoil by profot AG (Switzerland)

UV Printing XXXL solutions, vanish paterns process, raster hologram, flags & textile eco-printing & laminating.

2014 Design corporate for Sensile technologie SA (Switzerland)

2013 Art director for Wng solutions SA (Switzerland)

Creative Project Manager of graphic designers & engineers developers teams, branding & digital UX/UI solutions, CMS : wordpress, drupal, shopify typo3, android, iOS, wireframing process, CRM.


2009-2013 Digital project manager for Tamia SA (Switzerland)

2008 Media design for HETSR “La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène (Switzerland)


2004 Typographer for multi-timbres Lausanne (Switzerland)

Others : 

2013-NOW Winegrower & apiculture  FVA (fédérations vaudoise)

School :

2020-2022 Master of science HES-SO Innokick
Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development - Designer (swiss universities).

2017-2020 Graduate in visual communication / HEAD “Geneva University of Art and Design” Switzerland.

option : space & media.

2005-2008 ECAL preparatory & media interaction/graphic design “Lausanne University of Art and Design” Switzerland.

option : media & interaction design, graphic design.


🇫🇷 Apprenons à lire, dans les fragments du présent, le dessein accompli d'un lendemain différent.

Umberto ECO, 1985 

🇬🇧 Let us learn to read, in the fragments of the present, the accomplished fact of a different tomorrow.

Umberto ECO, 1985

from 1983