︎ born in Switzerland

︎ i speak french, spanish & english

︎ realist designer
© member of sgd.ch

︎ from 1983 for today.

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I’m expert in tangible graphic signage for civic design UX/UI Designer.

Skills :

↳ signs & print

(360° visual brand identity & signages)

↳ civic design 

(public space, scenography, museography)

↳ community & digital

(#allplanet run the world & new media)

↳ public relations

(manage creative projects)

We work together for build your project in USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ©

Managing creative projects as an Creative Senior Director : signages, museography, scenography — print & digital in design thinking process,

✏︎ We work with Swiss style philosophies, influenced by engineers ⚤, architects ⚤ & designers ⚤.

Curriculum vitæ :

2022-NOW USM modular furniture work in progress on a family Showroom at Lausanne (Switzerland)

2021-2022 Virtual 360° photographies for real estates (Switzerland)

2016-2020 Curator “nonprofits” lasim.art open air
contemporary in-situ art exhibitions

Art gallery at ex factory : SIM 

“Société Industrielle Morges” rue de Lausanne 47, 1110 Morges (Switzerland)

2015-2016 Expert in visual communication for profoil by profot AG (Switzerland - Renens Zürich)

Solutions & innovations foils & wraping / covering for workshops in french part of Switzerland, destinate for studios R&D scenography, automotives, interior design, governements : urban signs & signages, technical patterns natural eyes view 2D to 3D 180° degrees curved print (holographics vanish dots magnifying/rastering process on biotech printing systems & moiring hight definition effect “moiré” understanding for natural human eyes in optical visual effect for ads industries in air or streets). Olfactory vanish UV cover print process for pop up or capsules in a commercial packaging industry.

UV Printing XXXL solutions, vanish paterns process, raster hologram, flags & textile eco-printing & laminating.

2014 Design corporate for Sensile technologie SA (Switzerland)

2013 Art director for Wng solutions SA (Switzerland)

Creative Project Manager of graphic designers & engineers developers teams, branding & digital UX/UI solutions, CMS : wordpress, drupal, shopify typo3, android, iOS, wireframing process, CRM.


2009-2013 Digital project manager for Tamia SA (Switzerland)

2008 Media design for HETSR “La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène (Switzerland)


2004 Typographer for multi-timbres Lausanne (Switzerland)

Others : 

2013-NOW Winegrower & apiculture  FVA (fédérations vaudoise)

Education :

2020-2021 Master of science HES-SO Innokick
Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development - Designer “swiss universities”.

2017-2020 Graduate Bachelor of Arts in visual communication / option Space & Interaction New Media at HEAD “Geneva University of Art and Design” Switzerland.

diploma : Bachelor of Arts, ECAL 2008 x HEAD 2020

↳ option : mid, graphic design, space & media.

2013-2020 Coach, pro-trainer in typography, graphic prototype process. Preparatory for Graphics Swiss Style, CFC ISO 9001.

2005-2008 ECAL preparatory & media interaction/graphic design “Lausanne University of Art and Design” Switzerland.

option : media & interaction design, graphic design.

1997-2005 Freelancer for avant-gardes start-up in webpublishing. Certification : SIZ (Schweizerisches Informatik-Zertifikat) teenage skillz : silk screen hand made print, 3M scotch & textile print. Interaction New Media : shockwave & flash macromedia, telnet ssh2, shoutcast radio & webcam streaming for music communities. Corel linux, asp microsoft, freehand macromedia, aldus page maker.


🇫🇷 Apprenons à lire, dans les fragments du présent, le dessein accompli d'un lendemain différent.

Umberto ECO, 1985 

🇬🇧 Let us learn to read, in the fragments of the present, the accomplished fact of a different tomorrow.

Umberto ECO, 1985